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FORTHCOMING. . . .   a stunning celebration of love and 'un-loss', entitled     Moonbird : love poems

The TRANSLATIONS (above) are:   Catullus  -  Sappho  -  Montale (Xenia)  -  Hafez (Beloved)  -  Isha Upanishad  -  Rumi / Saadi (Dawn Ravens)   

The NON-LOVE/LOVE TRILOGY (above) is:   afterlove  -  Dawn Ravens  -  Moonbird : love poems   

The trilogy of ‘core’ extracts taken from the 1111-strong i tulips sequence:   crib  -  i tulips  -  one   
[ other collections drawing on the i tulips project are:   somewhere is january  -  Nights * Sifnos * Hands  -  the waltz in my blood  -  anima  -  1111 ]   

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Completing the trilogy of unlove/love collections, Moonbird : love poems is published by Fair Acre Press, an enthralling celebration of 'un-loss' to mark St. Valentine's Day 2023.

"A remarkable blend of ancient and modern", and a profound treatise on loss, Dawn Ravens (23 poems from Saadi and Rumi) is published by Lapwing Publications, April 2022.

The heart-breaking frankness that is afterlove is available with Cinnamon Press (October 2020).

A stunning new English version of the revered Isha Upanishad is published by Guillemot Press in 2019.

Beloved: 81 poems from Hafez is published by Bloodaxe Books in September 2018.

Xenia wins a PEN Translates award and is published by Arc in October 2016, on the 50th anniversary of its first publication & the 120th anniversary of Eugenio Montale's birth.

crib is the second Enitharmon instalment drawing on Mario's i tulips sequence [published 9 November 2014, by Enitharmon Press].

1111 [the final poem in the i tulips sequence] was launched by Perdika Press on 1st April, 2014.

anima was published in May 2013 by Nine Arches Press.    the inward garden [Poems for St Edmund's], composed during Mario's residency at the College, was published Feb. 2013.

the waltz in my blood was published in November 2011 by Waterloo Press.

Nights * Sifnos * Hands was published in October 2010 by Flarestack Poets.

i tulips [the first Enitharmon instalment of excerpts from the eponymous sequence] was published in March 2010 by Enitharmon Press.

Sappho was published in 2008 by Perdika Press.

somewhere is january was launched in January 2008 by Perdika Press.

Flowers of Sulphur was published in July 2007 by Enitharmon Press.

Fearnought was designed and produced by Mario as a poet's response to Southwell Workhouse, and published in May 2006 through the National Trust.

Catullus was published by Perdika Press on the Ides of March 2006.

Half Life (Poems for Chernobyl) is the sister volume to Heavy Water, published by Heaventree Press on April 26 2004.

Heavy Water: a poem for Chernobyl, winner of the Daily Telegraph/Arvon International Poetry Competition, was published by Enitharmon on April 26 2004.

The Stamina of Sheep and accompanying Study Pack arose from Mario's residency in the London Borough of Havering in Summer 2000. The Stamina of Sheep won the Essex Best Fiction Prize 2000-2002.

Bosco taps into Petrucci's origins as a physicist and social ecologist. This book-length sequence evolves into an eerie elegiac sensibility, generating an assertive yet original force against fast-track, throwaway culture.

Mario's debut collection, Shrapnel and Sheets, won a PBS Recommendation and was widely praised for its handling of war themes and scientific issues through poetry.

Under preparation: Monte Cassino, a tour de force in which poems concatenate in and around the eponymous II World War site. Mario's family were caught up in the (in)famous struggle; the different voices within this book not only challenge and interrogate the historicity of war, but also highlight unusual and powerful perspectives on its aftermath.


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