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          Perdika Press, 2006:   £4.95   ISBN: 978-1-905649-00-6    (pamphlet)

Catullus was launched on the Ides of March, 2006.

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… May each adulterer cherry-blossom with adulterers!
May they gallop through his bed three thousand at a time!
May he stock his adulterous wardrobes to bursting – never
caring for a single one sardined within – but day in night out
let him crick and crack relentlessly the groins of each who
crouches there

                                        and let this adulterer lose
all touch with the faithful who, through that adulterer’s
own folly, must fall – just as the furthest tallest flower
of the pasture is felled by the passing plough.

        (c) Mario Petrucci 2006

This pamphlet, first in the burgeoning Perdika Series, presents stunning contemporary adaptations of the Latin poet - with originals facing - by award-winning poet Mario Petrucci.

No one is better equipped to present Catullus to the modern reader: the Roman poet's urgency, wit and bite find here equivalents possessing all of the power and ribald energy of their famous originals.

Reviews of Catullus

Click here for the Daily Mail's review of Catullus and Perdika Press.

"Sparklingly witty and up to the minute... both clever and satisfying."

"Don't let the fact that these are translations from a dead language put you off. Petrucci's versions are vibrant and up to date, as relevant to life in the 21st century AD as to that in 1st century BC... buy it."


"Collapses the fabric of Catullus and translator altogether, leaving us to witness a pencil-beam into a vast, still universality of expression."

Intercapillary Space

"A rich blend of roguishness and wit… fresh, and appealing… Suffused with sex and humour, this slim volume animates and illuminates."

Poetry Review 100:3 


copyright mario petrucci 2001