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  somewhere is january                                                                         

     Perdika Press, Winter 07/ Spring 08:   £4.95   ISBN: 978-1-905649-06-8    (pamphlet)

somewhere is january was launched in January 2008.

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"Reminiscent of e.e. cummings at his best... The poetry is vivid, generous and life-affirming
without even a glance at sentimentalism. It is brave, brilliant and beautiful."

"Petrucci is somebody working with a lively circumspection in a tradition he's demonstrating not to have been merely an early-to-mid-20th-century exploration."
Roy Fisher

"Life-altering... a dazzling but warm and generous remaking of language that arises
out of authentic experience seen through the precise eyes of the scientist."
Jacqui Rowe [Writers' Forum - 2008 Chapbook Choice]

"Carefully crafted and engaging... making clever use of punning line-breaks to emphasise
the slipperiness of meaning and the vitality of language."
Horizon Review

Always a poet of boldness and range, Petrucci here places himself surely at the confluence of linguistic energy and formal innovation.

somewhere is january projects a fierce and utterly modern lyricism to confirm his place among the most vital and thrilling of contemporary poets.

Nowhere else in Petrucci's work do the triumphs and uncertainties of being gain such powerful access to the procedures of his poetry: born of immediacy and humanity, these poems offer a complex generosity that intensifies and deepens at every visit.


"Poised, balletic, in its exploration of intellectual
and physical, light-bound space."
Simon Jenner

Critic / editor Peter Brennan discusses somewhere is january (Jesus College, Cambridge) by kind permission :

Click here... for sample audio from the i tulips sequence (including comments from the author
on the project as a whole, and excerpts from somewhere is january) - courtesy of Archive of the Now.


Our cells reply as petals do –
beflowering the nervous
byways. Gusts shake

temporal memories
loose: bestrew a mind’s
street corners. If hail should

pass – it will thaw quickly as
we do. This blood tight in
its arteries second by

second taking us
to heart may be loosed
in that simple space between

two beats of thought. Nothing
lost. Spring prepares
that tender and

final passage –
gathers us (soft tendrils
that we are) back to the root.

        (c) Mario Petrucci 2007


copyright mario petrucci 2001