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Poetry: Environment and forests.

An ecological tour de force. Part of the Torriano list which has published poets such as John Heath-Stubbs.
"The personified voice of the wilderness. Courageous, surreal, impassioned."

Bosco taps into Petrucci's origins as a physicist and social ecologist. These poems stir deeply, slow us down. Ring upon ring, they build a heartwood of awe. But Petrucci can also mix dangerous chemicals, combining anger and compassion irresistibly. The sequence evolves into an eerie elegiac sensibility, generating an assertive yet original force against fast-track, throw-away culture.

ISBN 1-870841-64-6 (pamphlet 1999)
ISBN 1-870841-77-8 (book edition 2001)

£5.95 from Hearing Eye
Box 1, 99 Torriano Avenue, London NW5 2RX


If I were there - right in
under it, there might be
creakings. The whining of a child.

Within the canopy of boughs
I'd glimpse, perhaps,
a new perspective of dark.

Look closely. See
the broken member - its right
angle a clutch of splinters.

Here, a twig that failed
to green. There, an empty chalice.
No sign of the acorn.

Sap rises in the brain-stem
the bark of thought
peels -

and if I close my eyes
breathe deep through nostrils
I could be

an ancient forest.

         (c) Mario Petrucci 2001

Reviews of Bosco ...

Review of Bosco at enCompass Culture (British Council)... click here

""Mario Petrucci blends subjectivity into the physical world… mobilising perception into compelling visions that challenge the way we relate to our environment."

British Council, 'Hunting Down the Universe' 2004 (Science & Literature Bibliography)

"Beautiful and very earthy."

Poetry London

"In the trees and forests of this powerful sequence of poems, there is more than aesthetic pleasure. There is a celebration of life itself. This is poetry with a purpose, in language that is a joy to read."

David Duncombe, Poetry Nottingham International, 54/2

"Bosco...is deeply rewarding. It challenges the reader through its vocabulary, ranging from the scientific to the colloquial, its lively, often surreal imagination and its attention to language. The poems together are as densely interrelated and as rich as the forest life they both celebrate and mourn."

Derek Sellen, Connections

"Clear intellect and strong, unmistakable voice...Both a lament on our disappearing forests and an existential comment on our 20th century urbanisation, this sequence epitomises Petrucci's passionate and compassionate 'take' on contemporary issues, with his usual erudition and incisive use of language. I read this twice at one sitting."

Roselle Angwin, Orbis

"Muscular beauty...This is poetry of a high order."

Stella Stocker, Weyfarers

"This pamphlet has 'bucketfuls of sparks'."

Poetry Quarterly Review


copyright mario petrucci 2001