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Short stories and poetry. Experimental prose.

KT Press, 1999, £ 3.99. No. 88    ISBN 0-907759-47-5
2nd Edition, 2001, £ 4.95, No 95    ISBN 0-907759-87-4

Now out of print... only available £5.95 from: mmpetrucci@hotmail.com
International and ambitious... it is unusual to find a writer so sure-footed
across this multiple terrain.

"Lepidoptera is so fine and fascinating from so many points of view. I have
never come across such an artful, knowledgeable and utterly engaging
splicing of the worlds of Art and Science."

Professor Rob Pope, Oxford Brookes University


The female is weighty with eggs.
Beneath the crinkled canopy of cabbage
alluring trapezia of green
lie soft and taut between varicose veins.
Carefully, silently, her ovipositor
arches again and again, leaves
each egg in a chosen spot.
Her wings, bolt upright like a yacht.
Then she sails away -
the yellow skittles stand askew.
So many timebombs.

        (c) Mario Petrucci 1999



copyright mario petrucci 2001