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"Having personally been to quite a few creative writing courses in my time, I can honestly say
that these are a breath of fresh air... So many creative writing courses are product led and quite frankly
encourage the internal self-critic (or the one we imagine to be looking over our shoulder!).
Mario uses all kinds of wonderful mindfulness (even meditation techniques) to unlock the sub-conscious
and all that is surprising and inspirational beneath the straight-jacket of our busy minds."

'16 Ways' participant [adult course, 2013]

Writing, now, is too often held to be important because it is successful,
rather than being made successful because it is important.

Mario Petrucci

In the voyage of creativity, as in the voyage of life, we may wreck our boats,
but the ocean remains intact.

Mario Petrucci

What's the point of writing a poem, if not to modify silence?
Mario Petrucci

spirituality & the Self...

King Arthur and the Sword in the Stone.

A wonderful story, yes; but what if the Sword is not something external but our inner Gift, that very thing
we were born to be and do, while the Stone is our own resistance to wielding it? Everyone is here to draw
their particular Sword from the recalcitrant Stone of this world, of themselves. No one else can do it;
no one else should. Whether it's accountancy or poetry, seize hold of that Gift, your true Self, release it
from bondage, and take your rightful place in the reordering of things. The Sword and the Stone isn't just a story
about a mythical or semi-historical character reified through King Arthur; it is a living metaphor that applies
to each one of us. So, draw your Sword. Everyone must become King or Queen of themselves.

Prometheus and the Heart.

When you suffer heartbreak - absolute, utter heartbreak - you're Prometheus on the rock, except that it's your
heart that's daily devoured, riven by talon and beak. But this isn't punishment for having stolen someone else's
Fire; it's a consequence of having given away your own Fire. You must grieve on your rock, yes, your body weeping
gouts of blood; but to unbind yourself and come down off that rock, you must find a way to reclaim the Fire
of the true Self. This is no ordinary fire - it doesn't burn when you have it. This is the sacred Fire that burns
when you don't have it.

For Being, Mario's short story on the nature of Time and Choice, click here.
love, life & writing...

Analysis is like the speed of Sound; Love is like the speed of Light.
M. Petrucci

“I, who would burst the furthest seams of heaven and earth, make a nest of the believer’s heart.”
Sufi saying (tr. by M. Petrucci)

People on their deathbeds may depart this world either in struggling despair
or with a deep inner clarity, calmly comprehending what is of truest value in life.
How, then, to allow one’s living life, not one’s dying life, to become – moment to moment –
the joyous deathbed?

M. Petrucci

For the Codependent human being, nothing is impossible - except the possible.
M. Petrucci

When you've hurt someone deeply, whether it be a fellow writer or a lover, re-enter their life
(if and when they allow you to) slowly, tenderly - like a snail pushing its horns back into the air.

M. Petrucci

In writing, as in love, even the onion - for all its tears - will eventually blunt the knife. Persist.
M. Petrucci

I think, therefore I am?? Absolutely not!   I Am.
M. Petrucci

Credit: Jemimah Kuhfeld

*  *  *
for Hafez

how   did

start love
in me? these petals

made filigree in wind
thinly mattered
a rose

if not the rose &
that yellow heart where it

happens first then hips
blushed later

in exposure though no
white bud or

ever fearful
nor fearless quite tinged

to each extremity
with knowing rust’s intensity

heart-held flowers one either
must cling to or

            ... from anima    [Nine Arches, 2013]

*  *  *
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*  *  *


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