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audio   [this page carries a generous sample of Mario's audio work - but further audio on specific subjects can be found (on their respective pages) throughout this site]

  • For Mario's YouTube Channel, click HERE for impressive playlists on better writing, writing tips & the writing life, ecology/war/poetry, inspirational quotes, and much more.

  • For two Royal Literary Fund 2015 audio commissions, click on 'Why I write' [audio] [7 mins.; full transcript here] and 'Letter to my young self’ [audio] [5 mins.; full transcript here] - both explore the meaningfulness of poetry and creativity in our problematic age.

  • Click here... to listen to Mario's commissioned poem, celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Saison Poetry Library, projected onto the Royal Festival Hall (with accompanying audio) for National Poetry Day 2013 - by kind permission: Saison Poetry Library/ Mario Petrucci.

  • Click here... to hear Mario reading Wilfred Owen's Strange Meeting, and here for his own poem, If You Were To Come Back [part of this audio work was included in a listening installation at the Royal Festival Hall for the Poetry International festival held at the Southbank Centre in July 2014] - by kind permission: Saison Poetry Library/ Mario Petrucci [2013].

  • Click here... to go to Tales from the Bridge, the world's largest poetry soundscape, installed on the Thames for the 2012 Olympics [page has a link to the full audio file].

  • Click here... (then 'Authors', then 'Mario Petrucci') for recordings made by the British Library/ Archive of the Now in 2009.

  • Click here... for the 2010 podcast: London School of Economics/ The London Magazine event, Literature and the Sciences: Where do they meet? [LSE 'Space for Thought' Literary Festival 2010] - edited transcript here.

  • Click here... for Mario's contribution to BBC Radio 3: Poems for Today.

  • Click here... for Mario's talk at the RSA's Arts & Ecology Day, City Hall/ GLA, June 2008.

  • Click here... for 'The Poetry of Science' - Wellcome Foundation, July 2007 - audio/ video.

  • Click here... for audio from Mario's BBC commission for 9/11.

  • Click here... for as though in the night, Mario's contribution to the Oxfam Life Lines CD.

  • Click here... for excerpts from i tulips presented as part of the Diorama multimedia project (also on Youtube).

  • Click here... for the StAnza Festival 2010 podcast (with Jen Hadfield) - begins at 12 mins.

  • Click here... or here for Mario's complete reading at StAnza 2010 - by kind permission, Colin Fraser/ Mario Petrucci.

  • Click here... or here for Mario's 'Golden Hour' Interview podcast via the Scottish Poetry Society - by kind permission, Colin Fraser/ Ryan Van Winkle/ Mario Petrucci.
    [This can also be heard via the Reading Room website, here .]

  • Click here... to link to an excerpt [a poem from i tulips] from Mario's contribution to the Enitharmon event at the Saison Poetry Library, 4th Aug 2010;
    [or listen here if link is down] - by kind permission (recording made by the Saison Poetry Library).

  • Click here... to link to Mario's contribution to Poets & Players (5 March 2011, Whitworth Gallery, Manchester).

  • Click here... to go to the Ecology page, containing various audio excerpts on Poetry, Sustainability and the Environment.

  • Click here... for Mario's poem Om set to music (created for the Joy of Sound GUIA project).

  • Click here... for Mario's 2014 recording of our   bluest Drop, a 'blessing poem' composed for the imminent birth of his daughter.


  • Miriam Margolyes performs Mario's '& a cloud   passes' from his forthcoming book crib (Wenlock Poetry Festival, 29 April 2011)... here [at 9.00 mins].


  • ShadoWork - a collaborative writing and performance-training initiative co-founded by Mario, concerned with dynamic multi-vocal performances of poetry and the literary exploration of multimedia.
    Extracts online: see Diorama website for Fairground (a dysfunctional family's visit to archetypal space raises more than they bargained for... language unsuitable for children) and Tappets.
    Also, an extract from Fortune Fish, here: a powerful piece on bullying, built around a poem by Mario, multivocally arranged and performed by ShadoWork [parental note: strong language]. Poem used here with permission of all performers.
    The full CD is held by both the British Library Sound Archive and the Saison Poetry Library.



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